At this time of year, gardening plans are just being realized - the industrious, energetic and daring are out in full force. And in any given growing season there will always be flowers of the moment - the prized specimens whose floral features take precedence above all else, only to be replaced by next year's obsession. But beyond the blooms and leafy arrangements there is also something more enduring about conceiving, protecting and tending a garden. Along side the freed-up, leafy enclosures, gardeners are creating dynamic neighborhoods, healthy communities and livable cities.
Here is to an inspired and flourishing spring!







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Shades of Green

Andrew Boyd

Moss is a rootless creature, able to capture moisture only from the paper-thin folds of its tiny leaves. But coupled with this delicacy is unrivaled endurance. When the autumn rains come, the ghost-white, bone-dry cuticles that had lay dormant in the summer heat spring to life. Read

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