Tuesday, March 6th
by Editor, Soiled and Seeded

Plant Portraits


Nancy Friedland's latest work entitled 'Vigil' consists of a selection of potted plants; lonely and often languishing.

According to Friedland:
Plants can be difficult: they are strangely shy in front of my camera and I am often awkward in front of them. I want to portray their melancholy, their ambivalence toward us, their alienation from the natural world, their longing to be wild. Sometimes they frustrate me, and then I leave them to wither. But they keep drawing me in with their sad stories. Plants try so hard to communicate for us, I think. They arrive in our lives as a gift, an apology, a leftover centerpiece, an offering, a burden. How can they seem so benign and forgettable when they often stand for words we can't say?

Here are a few of her portraits with accompanying titles: Apology, Hearts, Commitment, Sensitive and Grief. The entire collection can be found on her website.







Source: Photos are courtesy of Nancy Friedland


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