Wednesday, October 19th
by Editor, Soiled and Seeded

The Fifth Issue of Soiled and Seeded is OUT!


We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of Soiled and Seeded's fifth issue. Beyond our own neighbourhoods we are committed to providing stories from around the world - highlighting communities, inspired initiatives and profiling gardens and gardeners. We'd like to thank all of our contributors.

This edition also marks our one-year anniversary. Since its inception, Soiled and Seeded has worked towards expanding the approach to gardens and gardening. We aim to move past aesthetics and design, and turn the conversation towards the broader issues of the environment, sustainability, food and our relationship to the natural world. We also believe that many different communities can contribute to this conversation. There are no limitations to our stories, ideas and histories.

Thank you to everyone for their support and continued enthusiasm.



Source: Mikael Lavogiez


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