Wednesday, September 28th
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Park Perfumes


Summer will linger for a while yet. The celebratory harvest continues along with all the preserves - dried, pickled or sauced. With subzero temperatures and snow covered yards (we might be thinking too far ahead), the sweet taste of the garden will return to satisfy cravings and revive half-forgotten flavours.

Beyond enlivening taste buds, our olfactory sense may require some deserved attention: fragrances that recall a summer garden, a meadow or a moment among the trees. Brooklyn-based Julianne Zaleta has long been capturing such scents and now handcrafts a variety of fragrances through her Herbal Alchemy Apothecary.

Zaleta has created a series of perfumes, "inspired by the meadows, lakes & woods of Prospect Park, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY." Each perfume is named after a specific location within the Park: The Ambergill, The Neathermead and The Vale of Cashmere.

The Ambergill is described as, "a perfume inspired by the beautiful Ambergill ravine and falls in the Park. A gill is a narrow stream-filled glen, which feeds a grotto known as the Amergill Pool, whose banks are populated by green herons, columbine, wild roses & blackberries. Amber, oakmoss & neroli are the peak notes of this warm perfume."

You can learn more about plants and perfumery on her blog, an inspiring brew of cocktails, tinctures, extracts and infusions.




Source: Julianne Zaleta


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