Friday, July 29th
by Editor, Soiled and Seeded

Welcome to the Summer Edition!


What a summer! Welcome to the fourth issue of Soiled and Seeded. Four issues, four seasons - we've done it!
It's been hot and we've been busy.

In keeping with the high-yield season, our summer edition turns productively into a diverse collection of essays, portraits and stories of plants and people. Many hours have been spent in the garden messing about in all its tangled glory. But as we linger along its swelling border, we realize just what sort of bounty lies at our feet. As Ashley Glenn writes in her piece, Gardens of Diversity: Preserving Traditions, Knowledge and Nature "...gardens have potential far beyond the plants in the ground. They are ancient classrooms, innovative laboratories, nutritious food pantries and welcoming community centers." An idea worth cultivating.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of our contributors; together they represent a unique interdisciplinary group of writers, artists, educators, scientists and photographers - from around the world. And to our readers, your correspondence and support continues, and we are grateful.



Source: Soiled And Seeded


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