Monday, April 4th
by Editor, Soiled and Seeded

A Potpourri of Nesting Chambers


Scientists in Iran and Turkey have discovered these extraordinary nesting chambers of a rare species of solitary bee (Osmia avosetta). The "flower sandwich" is constructed of a thin layer of flower petals on the outside and an inner mud layer which is lined with another layer of petals. In each chamber a bee deposits a single larva along with pollen and nectar before sealing the core. The nests contain a single petal chamber and are superficially buried. Over time they harden, protecting the chamber from predators.

Osmia tergestensis (pictured below), is another species that constructs petal nests, but unlike O. avosetta its nests can consist of up to five individual chambers.






Source: Jerome Rozen, American Museum of Natural History in New York


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